Naming your doula business plan

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Make sure your rates are reflective of your costs, not the other rates in the area. Yet there is a difference between registering a business and securing a trademark.

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So find something you can be happy with, and then move on. In general this has inspired me to really get OCD not only about the business aspects of my life, but my living environment as well.

Getting Started | Tips for Doulas

I am going with a business name. Then offer a discount off of that fee during your training. Share10 Shares As a doula or other birth professional, what should you keep in mind when deciding on a doula business name.

For example, you need to pay annual business income tax, sales tax, employment tax and local business tax on your gross income. It really is just a name of a business that will some day end. Do your training, and then be completely and entirely honest with parents and your birth community about whether you are trained, certified, etc.

Build a professional image by establishing and maintaining professional boundaries with clients. Here's my Instagram for examples of stuff I post there related to business.

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There are, however, no laws governing the association of your domain name with your actual business name. Tell your friends the name of your business.

You can find business plan resources at- the SBA. You are SO encouraging and hit on so many of the issues that have crossed my mind in considering every aspect of becoming a professional doula—on both the business side of things as well as on the personal. Your client can sue you, because in such case, you are liable to be sued and a judgment can be issued against your personal assets.

Pick a name you like best since you'll see it all the time hopefully on those checks right.

How to Choose an Awesome Doula Business Name

For my training program I needed to attend and receive evaluations from five births. Make a business plan- Make a business plan, a list of goals, dream board.

You may feel bad about paying so much money but think of the money you will make. Again, be sure to not associate your domain name with registered and protected brands. Achieve success through implementation of low-cost, 21st-century marketing strategies.

For example, you will have to obtain a sellers permit if your service includes touchable items, such as parts, and other materials for repairs or installation that are required for performing your type of service. You will feel satisfied when you see your client base and your profits increasing.

Birth and Postpartum Doula Business Tips

Thanks again for the inspiration. This is especially true with establishing a business name. If you are "earthy", you want that to come through because then you will reach out to women with the same feelings. If you also use a trade name such as "Your Service Provider Experts," doing business as DBAor you are partnership, to do business a name other than your full legal nameyou also need a DBA doing business as certificate filing.

Until you know the parent keep it simple. Be careful you don't take something very close to the name for a local doula - that can cause some unpleasantness and you don't want to start off on the wrong foot with your doula community.

There is no one governing organization for doulas, and multiple groups offering certifications. Getting Started | Tips for Doulas. Posted on February 3, from your business cards to your website to listing yourself with Google Places. Started pondering now, it can be surprisingly hard to decide!

Google names you're considering and if one you have is taken, consider variations. Many doulas use their own name for their doula business. "Part of running a doula business is continually marketing to attract your ideal clients and learning new skills for your business." "Just about every business goes through periodic slow periods.

Aside from continuing to market your business and network in your community, there is a lot you can do to work on your business if it takes a. If you are a birth doula and you plan to offer other services in the future, think about whether you want “birth doula services” to be part of your business name.

Think long term. Is your business name a reflection of who you are? Grow your doula or birth business with tips on tracking your money, compliance with laws, managing your clients, and marketing your business.

Marketing To attract new clients to your doula business, you need to develop and practice effective marketing strategies. Birth and Postpartum Doula Business Tips.

1.I am a business owner-These are words that you need to start saying in your people ask me what I do, I do not say “I train doulas” I say “I am the Director of Birth Arts International, a doula certification organization”.See the difference.

I think when it comes to naming your business, it is such a personal choice. Some women I know use their name and yet others use more commercial types (ie Labor of Love).

It is totally up to you.

Naming your doula business plan
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Choosing a Name for Your Doula Business - New Beginnings Doula Training